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Snack Vending

J&S Sweet Success provides only new, state-of-the–art snack vending equipment for your locations. Our fleet of machines is equipped with Guaranteed Delivery System technology. This translates into no lost money, no product hang-ups, no machine shaking and, best of all, products delivered when you want them. The machines come in all sizes and are customized to suit your company’s particular needs.

We stock the machines with a blend of many popular national brands and local favorites. Products include chips, candies, cookies, pastries, soups, bars, gum and mints. For those employees looking for healthy alternatives, we offer many products that are low in fat, carbs and calories. See our Product Listing.

Our machines accept $1 and $5 dollar bills and all coin including dollar coins. The largest snack machine holds well in excess of 600 individual items. The displays are easy to read and present scrolling messages which can be customized. In addition, if you wish to subsidize the cost of the products, the machine can be set to vend at any price including FREE vend mode (100% subsidy). We can also place the machine on specific timing intervals to turn on and off when you prefer.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority! We are committed to fulfilling product requests and providing competitive prices.

We will do our absolute best to ensure your vending experience is of the highest standard possible.

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