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Personal Valet Shop

Personal Valet Shop Automated Service

Need an Aspirin? Forgot your Deodorant? The Personal Valet Shop (PVS), a division of J&S Sweet Success LLC, has all the toiletry and sundry items you might need in a pinch. Whether you are travelling or stuck on the graveyard shift, our brand new PVS vending machines have you covered. We stock our machines with a wide variety of everyday necessities from toothbrushes and toothpaste, over-the-counter medications, hair brushes, nail clippers, deodorant, eye drops, among many others.  All machines accept $1 and $5 dollar bills and all coin including dollar coins.

Personal Valet Shop was founded in 2005 to fill a need in hotel industry.  However, the brand has since been expanded to a wider assortment of businesses including 24-hour operations, bus terminals, truck stops, medical centers, and train stations.

Don’t need an entire machine for Sundries? Ask us about our popular Snack/PVS hybrid machines for the ultimate product mix!